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Our Services


Our skilled chiropractors begin with a thorough assessment, taking the time to understand your unique health history, lifestyle, specific concerns and locating the root cause of your problems.

Gonstead Assessment

Our focus on the Gonstead technique ensures that your spine receives the care it deserves. This specific method emphasises thorough assessment and targeted adjustments, resulting in precise correction of spinal issues. With a dedication to restoring your body’s natural alignment, our chiropractors are skilled at addressing various conditions that may be affecting your overall well-being.

X-ray Analysis

Our chiropractors carefully analyse the X-ray results, enabling them to tailor a targeted and effective treatment plan specifically designed for your unique needs.

Chiropractic Correction

Our skilled and experienced chiropractors employ gentle and precise manual techniques to manipulate the spine and joints. This targeted approach aims to restore proper alignment, alleviate pressure on nerves, and promote the body’s natural ability to heal.

Muscle Therapy

Whether you’re an athlete recovering from an injury or simply seeking relaxation, our muscle therapy sessions are tailored to your unique requirements. This therapeutic approach aids in promoting circulation, relieving muscle tension, and enhancing your body’s natural healing processes.


(Flexion-Distraction Therapy)

Whether you’re dealing with postural issues, discomfort, or simply striving for preventive care, our aligner services can be a key component of your wellness journey.